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Av Nina Gustavsson - 8 oktober 2014 00:14

I miss the time we spent together. I miss the things we used to do.

I miss the smal things.. i miss your eyes. Your smile. Your laughf.

Sometimes it feels like i want to drop everything im doing and just

run.. run straight in to your arms and never let you go.

But i cant. Cuz you dont want me. Thats the reason to why you left me.

And it hurts like hell. Sometimes i cant stand the thought of spending

the rest of my life loving you in distance. Love you in my mind.

Sometimes it feels like i wanna punsh you in your face and beat

the hell out of you after everything you put me through.

It feels like i just wanna put you through the same pain you've

been puting me through so manny times...

I wanna hurt you the same way you hurt me. I wanna make 

you cry, scream, get sleeping problems, nightmares...

But i love you so much i cant do those things to you.

I could never put you through the same pain you put me through.

Cuz i honestly dont think you would be able to carry that pain.

Yeah, it hurts, still today..

but i want you to be happy. I want you to be able to smile and

laughf and live your life whit no pain and no regretts.

So i just wanna tell you..

I will allways be there for you if you need a shoulder to

cry on or just someone to talk to. 


I would never leave you. Never.


#Love #Hate #Life #Regretts #Cry #Tears #Nightmares

#Sleepingproblem #Hurt #Broken #Scream #Screaming

#Crying #Breathing #Bleeding #Blood #Sorrow #Gone


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Av Nina Gustavsson - 12 maj 2015 21:11

Im a sinner. Im a saint. I feel happy... Im about to go insane.  Nothing ever works out the way you want it to ... But remember that even when it feels like youre about to go insane.. like youre about to break down in tears, i'll be there to ...

Av Nina Gustavsson - 23 april 2015 10:18

  Im like a angel whit broken wings. In my past.. i tried to fly even doh i knew i shouldnt. Even doh i knew i wasnt strong enuff. But i did it anyway. And now here i am today whit my broken wings. But even doh i broke my wings in the past, i stil...

Av Nina Gustavsson - 23 april 2015 10:10

  Min älskade lilla Findus har under dom senaste dagarna bettet sig lite konstigt. Han har haft kväljningar och så har han andats konstigt, så han var på vetrinären igår, och vi trodde att det var lunginflamation han hade för vi hade pratat m...

Av Nina Gustavsson - 13 mars 2015 09:55

Saker och ting har äntligen börjat ordna upp sig nu. Jag har fått lägenhet, ska snart börja praktisera och jag kommer börja plugga upp mina betyg till hösten.  Dessutom så har jag anmält mig som volontär hos polisen,   och har gått färdigt utbi...

Av Nina Gustavsson - 5 december 2014 09:13

Jag har funderat ett tag på om jag ska börja plugga igen eller inte, och som jag skrev i mitt tidigare blogginlägg så är det ju som så att jag har egentligen inget val. Jag har suttit hemma i fyra år nu och jag har inte kommit iväg på en enda arbets ...


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